August Saint Freytag

Concept and Experience Designer, Video and Story Artist



A Town of Harmont

Launch showcase for the Harmont Zone Radio Podcast, a themed episodic audio series with music, field recordings, and assorted sounds inspired by popular Russian science-fiction literature.


A Roadside Picnic

The story leading up to the creation of the Harmont Zone Radio Podcast and its premiere episode, looking into the distant past and its essential inspiration, Roadside Picnic.


Theme Studio

The launch of an interactive web application for browsing, creating, and customising diverse colour themes, usable with popular editors and development environments.


Views of a Detached Hometown

An early look at a photographic series of 135s, re-taking a perspective walk through my first hometown that I took many times with my parents in the 90s, returning to some of its sights and sentiments.


Counting Polygons

A traversal through the streets of the fog-covered town of Silent Hill, lured in by the attempt of finding a suitable visual presentation for a planned game project. Exploring a constructive modern day application of retro graphics.


Into the Dark

Thoughts from the process of work in analogue photography from 2010 to 2013 and direly needed improvements for a present day return to developing film; a recapitulation of changes made for better results in the Darkroom.


Big Sur Theme Kit

A showcase for a paired up wallpaper series and a colour theme for Apple development environment Xcode — a decorative kit to welcome the arrival of the new major version release of macOS 11.0 Big Sur.


GitLab Listener

An autonomous daemon process for web servers, connecting with GitLab webhooks, allowing custom actions to be bound to configurable events. Accepts and parses GitLab events, allows filtering by various properties and can execute any command or script as a reaction. Built with Perfect, written in Swift.

Public Presence:


Code Revue: Fields of Night

The abridged story of the first content management system I've ever built, named "Page Control", for the Smoker Lounge, formerly presented at the Fields of Night. First entry in the "Code Revue" series, inspecting the ups, downs and experiences of past projects.


Cocoa Drag and Drop

A brief summary and teaser text to accompany the publishing of my first technical article on Medium on the topic of building a collection view with drag and drop capabilities in the native macOS framework Cocoa/AppKit.

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Folio Faktura: Behind the Site

A brief look into the conception and intermediate steps of creating the "". Presented below is a variety of drafts and shots from the sidelines of creating this site, some with alternate font or style choices and testing out different amounts of data.


What's Wrong With the Weather, Jesus?

A double-feature music video to tracks "Bruges" and "Swansea", both part of a yet untitled, upcoming release. A family packing up and fleeing from an incoming catastrophe, a tape camcorder that can show the future and the hard to find signs of salvation and safety.