August Saint Freytag

Concept and Experience Designer, Video and Story Artist
The Editor is currently in Beta. You can create a palette, edit colours, view generated previews in real-time, and download a preview. Submissions to the gallery and additional formats are coming soon.

Theme Editor

Create your own themes in the Editor using a collection of base colours. Preview your work in progress with code samples, make adjustments and see generated results in real-time. Submit your creation to the gallery.

Choose a short and fitting name for your theme. Good names give a hint of the included colours and communicate the intention behind the selected line-up. The description should give a brief introduction to where the theme comes from and for what it might be best used.

  1. #000000
  2. #FFFFFF
  3. #FFFFFF
  4. #FFFFFF
    Reference Types
  5. #FFFFFF
    Value Types
  6. #FFFFFF
  7. #FFFFFF
  8. #FFFFFF
  9. #FFFFFF
  10. #FFFFFF
Preview not available for this theme package.

Click each colour cell to edit and specify input colours. Themes are created from a sequence of ten base colours. An intermediate theme is generated and updated in real-time and previewed directly in the code display.


Generate and download your theme in supported formats:
Not cached, no themes generated.

Themes can not be published to the gallery in this version of the Studio.

Formats can be downloaded ad-hoc through the provided options.